Max Factor buys

New makeup! Today I tested out some new Max Factor goodies that I bought in Boots on their good old 3 for 2 deal. I bought foundation, liquid eyeliner and two new lipsticks.

Max Factor Colour Adapt Foundation


This has been around for a while and I seem to remember using it a couple of years ago. I usually use Teint Miracle Liquid Foundation by Lancôme which is around £28, but as I’ll be using a little more than usual over winter, I wanted a cheaper foundation to use everyday. Colour Adapt is £9.99 for 34ml which is a very reasonable price and I got the Creamy Ivory shade. It promises to ‘adapt to your individual skin tones…even out skin tone and blend away imperfections.’ The coverage is really impressive and it does balance my skin tone really well. It does seem to wear off rather quickly though and I tend to need to reapply it after 3 or 4 hours which isn’t great. It makes your skin feel so soft! So much so that I almost prefer it to my usual foundation, it’s like using a primer! It’s incredibly good value for money and will now be a staple in my beauty bag.

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick


Finding a lipstick I like is an ongoing battle for me. I’m not overly keen on pink tones, peachy tones can drain me a little and I only like a very few shades of red so I didn’t have high hopes when I put these on my bare lips but I was pleasantly surprised. The first one pictured on the left is Pearl Maron and the  right is Mulberry.  Pearl Maron is great for girly day make up looks and Mulberry is perfect for taking your look into night. They lasted a fair while but I’m still getting used to the shades. I actually used the Mulberry in a trashy makeup look I did for Halloween! It is a nice colour though so don’t hold that against it. They contain vitamin E, conditioners and antioxidants and my lips did feel gorgeously soft and failed to dry out like they do with some other lippys. The selection of shades wasn’t great though but if they add some more I’ll definitely be popping back to the counter for a browse!

Max Factor Masterpiece Glide and Define Eyeliner 


WORST photo I know…sorry. This was ok. It goes on well, doesn’t smudge and stays on pretty long. However, sometimes it’s really hard to get any. It’s like a faded felt tip pen no matter how hard I shake it sometimes, then goes back to normal. It can be pretty frustrating and I don’t think I’ll buy it again which is a shame because everything else about it is quite impressive!



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