PR/Blogger Relationship Counselling

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I know Patsy wasn’t a PR but if you had to draw the stereotype!

I know PR people have a reputation…and just like every other industry, 5% of the time this may be the case. I’ve recently seen a lot of tweets and blogposts about how rude and unprofessional PR’s can be. This is hugely sad. It’s a time of blogging mania and PR’s should be building long term working relationships with the talented blogosphere heroes and emerging writers out there. I haven’t been working in PR for years on end but I do know that if you can’t communicate with people as individuals  and read people correctly then you’re in the wrong job.

However,  I’m sad to say that some bloggers are a little bit shabby on the manners front themselves. If a PR is friendly, genuine and professional, treat them in the same manner. It’s a win-win situation mostly so be nice, and if they are assholes just press delete, move on and watch this completely unrelated video of a penguin falling over. Forget that free tube of lipgloss, you have class!


Say you want to review something then just sell it on ebay unopened – you’re a canny money man but it’s beyond cheeky. You may think that you’re the little guy and cheating a big brand is Robin Hood-esque but really you’re just stabbing yourself in the foot. If you’re not interested say from the beginning so they don’t send you something you can’t review with honesty or aren’t bothered about. It will pay off in the future when after having built a trustworthy relationship with you a new client comes into their hands that you love and you have a first class ticket on that train.

Creep – I totally agree with bloggers making the most of their blog and pursuing products that they think go well with it and would love to review. Everyone’s out to get something, PR’s especially, so there is no harm in approaching someone with an idea for a feature or post. But don’t get desperate. Don’t email every two days asking if any new products are available for you, if we could send you a refill etc. You have to be in a really really good and successful working relationship for that to fly. There are plenty of bloggers out there so make yourself known but don’t turn up on the doorstep.

Bitch – If you don’t get an invite to something don’t bitch about it online. You won’t be invited to anything else and will get a reputation. If you are super to go then there is no harm in politely asking if there are any opportunities to come along if you pay travel expenses etc. Obviously, it depends on each event but most PR’s will atleast respond politely and register that you are interested in coming along to similar events in the future. Be nice about it though, with zero catty undertones.

I know that 95% of bloggers are lovely, clever people who know how to be friendly and professional. Don’t get sucked into a conversation with a twatty PR trying to plug products that have no interest to you and your readers.

Be silly. Be honest. Be Kind.