Liz Earle

Liz Earle: Sheer lip gloss & Eye Pencil (Free Vogue gift)


The other day I renewed my subscription to Vogue and because I did it through a different company I got a free gift! When I heard it was Liz Earle I was so excited. I used to use their excellent quality skincare all the time and I’ve always hugely respected and admired the brands ethics and principles. Naturally active, against animal testing or using animal products etcetera.

I had never tried their make up though so was eager to open my present! I was sent the Sheer lip gloss in Fuscia and Eye Pencil in black. The packaging was simple in keeping with the brand, but a navy blue instead ofthe light minty green we usually know the brand for.

First of all the lip gloss. Excuse the photo, I’m still getting used to my camera.


I very rarely wear gloss. I’m much more of a lipstick kind of girl, so immediately I thought it was just another freebie that would be shoved to the back of the dressing table drawer. When I tried it on though I was pleasantly surprised, it looks quite natural and isn’t greasy at all. It’s also enriched with avocado oil and shea butter which I love. If I were to pick a lipgloss it would be something along the lines of this. The colour was a little too pink for me unfortunately so it’s not something I see myself wearing a lot, especially this Autumn. However, next summer when I have a bit of a glow I may give it another try, if my sister doesn’t nab it first. Usually this costs £13.50 which is a little too high for me. If I was a lipgloss devotee and found my perfect colour it wouldn’t be a problem but I’d rather save my pennies and try their lipstick.

Next up the Eye Pencil

 Eyeliner is much more my bag. It is included in every make up look I do and I feel underdressed without it so I was especially excited to give this a go. It glided on really well and made my eyes look instantly defined. I put it on my outer top lid and inner lower lid. Unfortunately it cracked fairly quickly on my upper eyelid, I rarely have this problem with the more waxy eyeliners such as Benefits BadGal liner. The bottom lid stayed covered for a good 8 hours but was smudged on the inner and outer corners which was annoying. All in all, it was ok. It defines your eyes brilliantly and would probably make a great day liner if you only put it on your lower, inner lid, or sat there all day with your eyes closed. At £11, I think this is reasonable.

I have huge faith in this range though so as soon as possible I’ll be trying their brow pencil and mascara. I’ll let you know.